Reflection Time

Medium: Oil on gallery wood panel

Size: 24″ x 24″ x 1.5″

Year of creation: 2023

Original Artwork Availability: Sold


Reflection Time is part of my Waterworks series.

As the water enveloped her, she floated weightlessly, her eyes closed. In this moment of solitude, her mind drifted and her thoughts became clear. She contemplated the vastness of the oceans, their mysteries and wonders. The silence beneath the waves offered a respite from the chaos of the world above. She knew then, that this underwater reflection would forever be imprinted in her heart.

This painting was made with oil paints on a cradled wood panel, which does not require framing, as the sides are painted. The painting has been coated with archival varnish, which extends its longevity and further protects it from dust and scratches.