Lady of the Deep

Medium: Oil on gallery canvas

Size: 24″ x 24″ x 1.5″

Year of creation: 2023

Artwork Availability: Available


Lady of the Deep is part of my Waterwoks Series with a mermaid theme.

The Lady of the Deep is a mysterious figure who dwells in the depths of the ocean. She is often associated with beauty, grace, and power, but can also be deadly and vengeful. Legends speak of her mesmerizing voice, which lures sailors to their doom. She is said to have control over the creatures of the sea, and her wrath can unleash storms and shipwrecks. Some believe she is a mermaid or a water spirit, while others see her as a personification of the unforgiving and unpredictable nature of the ocean.

This painting was made with oil paints on a gallery canvas, which does not require framing, as the sides are painted. The painting has been coated with archival varnish, which extends its longevity and further protects it from dust and scratches.