Medium: Oil on gallery wood panel

Size: 24″ x 24″ x 1.5″

Year of creation: 2023

Artwork Availability: Available


Mermaid is part of my Waterworks series with a mermaid theme.

Under the enchanting depths of the ocean, a stunning mermaid, adorned with luscious locks of long hair, gracefully hovers in the water. Her captivating eyes fixated straight on us, inviting us into her mystical realm. As rays of sunlight dance through the azure water, her ethereal presence illuminates the surrounding seascape. With an enchanting allure, she captivates our imagination, beckoning us to explore the mysteries of her aquatic world. Lost in her mesmerizing gaze, we find ourselves drawn into the depths, yearning to discover the secrets that lie beneath the surface.

This painting was made with oil paints on a cradled wood panel, which does not require framing, as the sides are painted.