Musings about Art

My Artistic Journey


I am a self-taught artist. My artistic journey is a progression through various mediums, each with its unique challenges and rewards.

Pencil Drawing

ALTER EGO, graphite pencils on paper

My evolution as an artist began with the meticulous strokes of a pencil, capturing the world in its intricate detail. Influenced by hyper-realist artists such as Dirk Dzimirsky and Paul Cadden, this foundational practice in realism has informed my understanding of form, light, and shadow, allowing me to infuse a sense of depth and authenticity into every piece I create.

JOY OF WATER, pastel on pastelmat

Transition to Pastel

Switching to pastels introduced me to the world of color and a new set of techniques. Unlike pencils, pastels offered me a more direct application of pigment to paper, allowing for vibrant colors and expressive strokes. I learned about blending colors, layering, and creating textures unique to this medium.

Exploring Mixed Media

Mixed media opened up endless possibilities for experimentation and creativity. Combining different materials and techniques allowed me more complex and textured artworks. I have integrated different elements, including modeling paste, real rocks, and seashells into acrylic paintings and finished them off with a shiny coat of resin. This stage allowed me to think outside the box and push the boundaries of traditional art forms.

SYMPHONY OF COLOURS, Mixed media with resin

Mastering Oil Painting

Finally, transitioning to oil painting has been a significant step in my artistic journey. Oil paints offer rich colors, a slow drying time, and the ability to create a wide range of textures and effects. Mastering this medium involves understanding the properties of oil paints, mediums, and solvents, as well as techniques like glazing, impasto, and underpainting. This stage has allowed me to create more complex and layered artworks, with a depth and richness that is unique to oil painting.

WET & WILD, oil on wood panel

Reflecting on the Journey

Each stage of my journey has contributed to my growth as an artist, providing me with a diverse skill set and a broad understanding of different artistic techniques and materials. My progression from realistic pencil drawings to the rich, textured world of oil painting illustrates my desire to challenge myself and explore new creative avenues.