Alpha Revealed

Part of the Graceful Masculine Series
Medium: Pastels on Pastelmat
Size: 22″ x 15″ (unframed)
Artwork Availability: Not for sale

In this painting, I wanted to focus on the alpha male, and the way I see him, anyway. Strong built, aluring, commanding respect, a true leader with a magnetic personality. My alpha male here is marked with a tattoo of the Greek alpha sign crossed by a running wolf, implying the leader of a pack. The placement of the tattoo makes its meaning less obvious, and it’s only reveled here to a few select viewers. We get to be one of those lucky viewers.

What on Earth is a Pastel?

Pastel as an artistic medium is pure pigment dust held together by a transparent binder and formed in a stick or encased in a pencil. Pastel works age beautifully, their brilliant colour does not fade with the passing of time.

This artwork was created with pastel pencils on Clairefontaine Pastelmat®, a paper card specially created for pastel paintings. The pastel pigments bind greatly with the Pastelmat, and no fixative is needed to secure the applied layers. However, pastel works should never be directly touched. They are best kept under a matted, glass-protected frame and away from high humidity, direct sunlight, or extreme heat.