Mad about resin

Recently, I started coating some of my paintings with epoxy resin. I must admit, I am hooked! I don’t really care for the messiness of working with resin, but the final product is worth all the trouble. Resin covered artworks look contemporary and the glass-like shine brings up paintings to a whole new level, in my opinion.

I am using ArtResin for now, which is a high quality, non-yellowing, non-toxic epoxy resin, but is fairly expensive. There are less costly ones on the market, though, and I am currently searching to find a resin that balances out quality and price. Although the makers of ArtResin state that no respirator is needed when working with it, I am still using a respirator because I don’t like the smell. So, when searching for a cheaper resin, smell is not a big concern for me, but the resin quality, its working time, and the non-yellowing aspect must be similarly good.

These below are two 10” x 8” older paintings of mine reworked with pigmented resin layers. Although they look good as a pair, I will also sell them separately. I am actually considering a whole series done this way on larger wood panels with waves, surfers and marine animals.

I also started a line of pigmented resin abstracts by applying fire glass and copper or gold accents. Sort of like geode resin art with a twist.
















And finally, I also got hooked on large scale acrylic sunset paintings covered with pigmented resin layers. “Red Sunset” below is 40” x 20” x 1.5” on wood board. It is my first one in the sunset series, but more and larger ones are sure to follow.